Tuesday, 4 August 2009

fucker face

Ayer estaba viendo MTV y salió el vídeo de Poker Face de Lady Gaga, para mi sorpresa censuraron ciertas palabras; russian roulette, gun y muffin, es simplemente ridículo. Pero para que la señorita Gaga nos explique a que se refieren esas cosas les dejo la siguiente entrevista, además es tan graciosa.

Yesterday I was watching MTV and Lady Gaga's song Poker Face went on, and to my surprise they muted some words; russian roulette, gun and muffin, it's just ridiculous. But we'll let Miss Gaga explain what she means with those things; I leave you this next interview, besides it's so funny.


Sky said...

jaja, graciosa!

Luis said...

Lo mejor fue:

"I think it's weird when they call me lady..."

"When I was go-go dancing in New York I used to carry a fog machine in my purse and fog myself"

Está loca esa mujer xD debo admitir que me dio risa.

Jasmine Laini Meaden said...

I have a B grade GCSE in french but thats about it lol if only i was fluent :(