Wednesday, 11 November 2009


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JaConfetti consist of the two girls Yvone Coco (Josephine Philip) & Ella Mau (Ane Trolle). They bring a universe of confetti and joy, spread out in a colorful variation of many different genres going from heavy beats to sweet balkan. Some might describe it as LSD-pop. On their powerful Rain Dears they travel around in the JaConfetti world, meeting good and bad, fun and dull, and through their songs they tell stories about what they experience. In May 2007 they released their first single "Hold Nu Kay", which immediately became a heavy rotated song on the Danish radios. They started out their project in December 2005. Their first album "The Rainbow Express", came out August 27th 2007. After "Hold Nu Kay", "Step Up" came as the second single, and also that one has been heavy played on the Danish radios. Both girls have a background in freestyling as Mc's with a great deal of different Dj's and bands mainly in the genre going from experimental hip hop, breakbeats, dub/reggae, electro and drum'n'base... They are working with many different producers such as Thomas Troelsen, Kasper Bj..rke, Prinz Valium aka Eddie Confetti, Buda, Pato, Abdullah S & Stunn Gunn, Domer, Ben Horn...

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