Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New Age

The effect caught in this picture is breathtaking

The amazing colours you can only get in some places

It's so well taken, that it captures you, and hypnotizes you profusely, like the guy in the picture.


Beautiful contrast of two worlds very well known and seperated in our society

He sais in a way it represents Jesus.
I don't know what I feel when I see this picture, but it attracts me so.

Different pictures of a talented yooung man called

Christopher Alex Maragakis

To contact him:


Gal said...

Me gusta su trabajo!!!!

McRae said...

Si, son tu estilo, las subi para que las vieras, porque cuando me las enseño pues me gustaron, y pense en ti, asi que pues son como para ti!! jaja

Gal said...

Graciasssssss entonces son dedicadas para mi ?? hjajajajaja love ya honey! si me encanta lo que hac con las luces