Monday, 29 June 2009

Regina Spektor

Review: Every time, it becaumes a little more pop, and romantic, but never loses her style

Review: A little more audible for people without musical education, and yet, has a weard beauty

Review: A little less jazzy, a little more alternative.pop

Review: Jazzy, darker side, with a very strong vocals as well
Review: Simple, jazzy, with vocals as a priority

She has been very influential on and a great inspiration for many female artist of "today". Not meaning that she doesn't belong to that era herself, just making clear how influential she has been on other artists, such as Kate Nash, and Florence Welch, etc...

One of my favorites-Has a great voice and character, which are a very good mixture in her case.
Varied styles-CD's are very different form one another.
If you like, romantic alternative female singing, this is her.


Anonymous said...

I love Regina Spektor. Not only does she have amazing talent with the piano and her voice, but she's also very attractive. I won't lie. :D lol

McRae said...

She's not handsome, but indeed is very attractive!!!
I'm glad you like her too